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Gather tools & equipment


Prepare the base


A minimum of 4" of clean 1/2" stone is recommended for under perkEpave for managing stormwater runoff. Additional stone may be required depending on the engineers design.

Mist mixer


Periodically mist the internals of the mixer with concrete form release or bio-diesel will keep the perkEpave from sticking to the inside of the mixer drum.

Combine stone, rubber & binder


Mix design is per application and color choice. A typical mix will produce 14 sq. ft. (1.5" thick) in 2 minutes. NOTE: Never introduce water into the mix and be consistent with the mix ratio and time in the mixer.

Empty mixer into wheel barrow


A 5 to 6 man crew can easily install 1,800 - 2,400 sq. ft. of perkEpave in an 8 hour work day.

Wheel to installation point and dump


perkEpave falls out like wet stones; does not flow like concrete and is easy to finish. NOTE: Water reacts with the binder, installation is not to be done when raining.

Rake and screed perkEpave


Screeding perkEpave very important and the first phase of finishing. It it necessary to achieve a flat surface .

Coat tools with a mold release agent


Coating the floats with a mold release agent is the key to a porous flexible paving smooth finish. The  mold release film keeps the binder from sticking to the floats; apply it often. Recommended ReleaSys™ 8200 mold release.

Bull float far reaching areas


Again, coating the face of the bull float with mold release is the key to a perkEpave smooth finish.

Coat mating surface with binder


It is extremely important to coat all mating surfaces with binder to assure perkEpave sticks and does not separate. Coat forms with concrete form release (or diesel fuel or cooking oil) for ease of removal.

Finish edges


For a professional looking finish product; perkepave needs to be pressed in place at mating surfaces. Dressing the edges along forms on a bevel should be done prior to form removal.

Flexible Porous Paving


perkEpave, when finished will exhibit a sheen or flat finish depending on the moisture in the atmosphere when installed. NOTE: This finish of porous flexible paving will change over time, to a consistent flat finish as it is affected by the elements.