Permeable Flexible Paving Made With Recycled Tires

perkEpave eliminates impervious surface, is crack resistant, DOT approved and a great flexible walking and running surface.

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Course Description - 1 LA CES PDH

perkEpave is a high quality Permeable Flexible Paving; as specified  by the DC department of transportation for replacing tree damaged sidewalks. Sign up for our ASLA LA CES course on Permeable Flexible Paving; learn the difference between traditional porous paving, the components of a quality porous flexible paving,  applications,  installation techniques and more;. A certificate for 1 PDH of continuing education will be issued for all in attendance.

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About perkEpave


Quality Components

Quality Components

Quality Components

perkEpave is an extremely permeable flexible paving, made with ASTM C33 tested washed and kiln dried stone, wire free recycled tire chips and a specially formulated DOT approved urethane binder.


Extremely Porous

Quality Components

Quality Components

perkEpave will minimize impervious surface; eliminating stormwater runoff and allowing stormwater to flow back into water table. The flexible nature of perkEpave is the perfect running and walking surface; providing relief for hip, knee and  ankle joints.


ECO Friendly

Quality Components

ECO Friendly

Recycling tires  through the use of  perkEpave  eliminates the burning of tires for fuel and keeps discarded tires out of the land fill. The use of perkEpave for tree surrounds  assures health of trees and eliminates tree root damaged sidewalks. Paving your sidewalks with perkEpave will eliminate tripIng hazard.


Watch this video and see for youself how fast rain water will be able to flow through perkEpave

Compression testing

STANDARD MIX - 22,000 lbs per sq. ft.

Non-Vehicular Mix; tree surrounds, walkways, running tracks, sidewalks, trench drains, trails, stormwater management.

HD MIX - 26,000 lbs per sq. ft.

Vehicular Mix; driveways, parking stalls,